I am not a sharer by nature. I shied away from Facebook for many years, content to stay in my bubble of unconnected bliss. Sure, I occasionally checked the appropriate internet channels to see what other people were up to, but I never felt like my musings needed to be seen by the public eye.

Well, I guess it’s time to take a step into the twenty-first century.

My dear friend and the amazing author Dani Alexander has set up this blog for me AND created fabulous covers for my novels. Seriously, he’s so talented it makes me sick. Really. Who gets to be a computer whiz, a fantastic author, and an awesome artist??

Anyways, I think these covers are worth a post.






I’ve long been against photos of guys on covers…and yet here I am, with a big ol’ photo on my first novel. I just happened to stumble across the picture and it simply was Connor.  Once I saw it, it was the only way I could go. It turned out to be a difficult photo to work with, but patient Dani produced this amazing cover that I really love.

I will always treasure the fanart made for me by Cailen, but unfortunately the images were not licensed for use in a published work.








More abstract, but the cover definitely fits. For this one, I just threw some random words at Dani and voila, he produced a masterpiece. I really love how he was able to capture important aspects of my guys without even needing their facial expressions.

After this cover was made I got to be a part of the process for the Social Skills cover…and I now realize how much work goes into the whole thing. I am one lucky person to have had these created for me. I could go on thanking Dani endlessly.

At some point I’ll have to get back to the stuff that goes behind the covers, though :)