For my giveaway this month, I asked readers to share their favorite orchestral or Broadway pieces, since Connor shares some of his in Social Skills. Going through their suggestions reminded me of old favorites, and introduced me to some new works as well.

I compiled a Reader’s Favorites list on Grooveshark, if anyone else is interested in giving these pieces a listen.

Beethoven’s 7th Symphony (Tim)- I’ve played it before, and loved it. It’s also pretty popular in movies, so even if you don’t think you’ve “heard of it”, you probably have. It starts out a little somber, builds into something brighter, and then tiptoes into the ending.

Concerto for Orchestra by Bela Bartok (Geoff)- This is one of those works where you can imagine a whole epic storyline going on behind it.

Beethoven’s Sonata Pathétique (Madison)- A beautiful, mostly gentle piece that is popular even outside the classical music world (although it has its angstier moments). Found it on lots of good-for-your-baby CDs when compiling the playlist. ☺

Wagner’s Siegfried’s Death and Funeral March (Steve)- The title probably gives you an idea of the “tone” of this one (tone used in the non-musical sense here :P).

Rossini’s La Gazza Ladra (Steve)- A little sad after the Funeral March? Need something bright and energizing? Here you go. ☺

Hikari written by Yoko Shimamura and arranged by Kaoru Wada (Nathan)- I’d never heard this one before, but it’s a grand, uplifting piece, and I enjoyed listening to it.

“Move On” and “Sunday” from Sunday in the Park with George (Richard)- Some Broadway for a change of pace. I’ll confess I hadn’t heard of this musical before. “Move on” was a really nice song.

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (Jill)- Some more super-popular classical music. I’ve played Autumn and Spring in an orchestra (the ones everyone has heard before). The other day my brother and I were wondering if kids would still learn as much classical music without those old cartoons…I’m pretty sure they gave me my first exposure to the Four Seasons.

Barber’s Adagio for Strings (Phantasmagoria)- This one also makes an appearance in movies and TV shows to tug at people’s heartstrings. Oh, and in Social Skills, too 😛 Played it in high school and it definitely left an impact.


Thanks to everyone for sharing your musical favorites! If I haven’t bored you to death with music, a Music from Social Skills playlist is coming soon. ☺