Silent was selected as the 2014 Rainbow Award Winner in the Gay & Lesbian Young Adult Category! 😀

I was curled up in bed, watching The Avengers with my husband (after launching a steady campaign promoting a re-watch of all the Marvel movies in order for…reasons) when the news came through. I made him pause it, because my eyes were inexplicably blurry for a moment there.

Cheesy as it may sound, I really don’t feel like I’m the winner, so much as Alex and Seb. Perhaps even more than my usual characters, those two have their own voices and their own lives and their own (possibly) continuing story. The book is fiction, but it’s a fiction full of truths, and the fact that others are reading and therefore experiencing and understanding the boys’ stories…means the world to me.

So thank you to the judges, to Elisa, and to all the readers who give Silent continued life by sharing in Alex and Seb’s journey.

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I’ll be doing a giveaway soon to celebrate. :)

*Also, if anyone’s interested, coupon code 82LJJ555 at Createspace will give you $4.00 off the paperback