Part 1: Watts, Los Angeles

Part 2: Mid City, Los Angeles

Part 3: Bel Air and West Los Angeles

Part 4: Huntington Park, Los Angeles 


Scenes from Silent

Venice Beach


And now we’ve gone west again. Venice Beach is the people-watching capital of Southern California. You’ll see everything here—tourists from all over the world, locals from every part of LA (which by now you know is pretty diverse), artists, musicians, body builders, break dancers…you name it, Venice Beach probably has it. Street vendors line the boardwalk, selling everything from popcorn to life-size statues of movie characters.

I love the atmosphere here—the laid-back, anything-goes kind of feeling that I have walking the beach. You can dress up or dress down, you can purchase expensive works of art or just a few kitschy odds and ends. You can eat at a fancy café or grab a hot dog and some curly fries. Or you could just sit back and watch the vibrant scenery around you, both natural and man-made.

This is where Alex finds reason to hope again.

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Part 6: Santa Monica Beach


I’m giving away 2 prizes at the end of the month:

Winner 1: Paperback and a finger painting from the Santa Monica pier (as featured in Chapter 22).

Seemingly careless streaks transformed into fantastic scenery as the man worked, but I couldn’t give him my full attention. I had other concerns on my mind…like why I felt so nervous standing beside Seb. Was I too close? Or not close enough? Why did that matter all of a sudden?

Here’s a clip of one being made:

Depending on the wishes of the artist, I may even be able to record a video of your artwork being created. :)

Winner 2: Paperback and postcards of LA scenes, including some from Inner City Arts, a nonprofit organization providing arts education to students in low-income areas of Los Angeles.


Rules/Entry Info

~To enter, just leave a comment on any “Scenes from Silent” post (one comment per post is eligible as another entry).

~Entries will be accepted from now until midnight PST on December 1st (extended a day because I have one more post :P).

~Winners will be selected by random drawing and announced on December 2nd.

~Must be 18 or over to enter.


Thanks for reading! :)