1280_Sara_Alva_LogoI’ll be attending the Gay Romance Literature conference in San Diego this October. It took a bit of coaxing from fellow authors — I’m not always the most social of people 😳 –but given that I have the comfort of driving there (and speeding away in my new getaway car if need be), I bit the bullet and signed up late as a supporting author. My experiences at RainbowCon two years ago showed me that everyone is amazingly nice, and that I need to learn to be more outgoing. We’ll see what happens in October. 😛

Though I’m going as an author, I’ll also be there in observer-mode since I’ve taken some time off from writing. Part of the hiatus has to do with a difficult chapter in my life, but in a twist I didn’t see coming, I used the extra time that followed to take another hobby of mine to a professional level. Now I’m away from the computer more often than not, and my schedule is so full I finally had to learn to use a calendar app instead of writing notes on my hand. I never planned on this life-change, but I also never planned on publishing books, or moving across the country, or becoming a teacher. So far, I’m thankful for all the unexpected things I’ve let myself get swept up in.

That said, I want it all, and while my time is limited now, I never want to stop creating stories in my head and then (hopefully) writing them down to share with others. I’m looking forward to GRL as an opportunity to observe the writerly ways again and to get back into the game sometime soon.

For anyone attending GRL, I can’t wait to meet you! If you’re interested in pre-ordering paperbacks, you can fill out my form here: Paperback Pre-orders


Thanks for reading!